Ten years

In the spring of 2004 I made a decision, with the help of some friends, that completely changed my life. Patrick Walton and Ameri Curtis convinced me to try out for Timpview High School's drumline, and with little hesitation I ended up doing it. Since then I have played cymbals, percussed in the front ensemble, marched clarinet, bass drum, saxophone, cymbals some more, and bass drum again. I have travelled to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, marched in Disneyland, been to Boise and San Diego for bowl games, and have performed a variety of high school, college, and professional stadiums including:  LaVell Edwards Stadium, Rice-Eccles Stadium, Stewart Stadium, Bronco Stadium, Qualcomm Stadium, and of course Romney Stadium. Marching Band has been something that has changed my life. The people that I have met and the places I have gone have helped shape who I am today. As the marching band chapter of my life comes to a close I want to give a shout out to all of you who I have met through marching band. Whether you know it or not, you have made a difference in my life. And while there have been downs through these ten years, I believe that overall this ride has been up. I will continue striving to be a better person as I have learned from many of you. As I move forward and say goodbye to marching band, getting ready to graduate from college and figuring out what steps to take next, I won't be putting down my instruments, or forgetting the life lessons I have been taught. These lessons, my music, and my memories will always be with me.

I want to thank Ameri and Patrick for inviting me to accompany them to those drumline clinics and for remaining my friends through out the years.
This was during the fall of 2004 - so my freshman year of high school
Dr. Fullmer (high school band director) - Thank you for pushing us to be better than our best and for helping us to be not only be good musicians, but good people too. You are one of my heroes and I will always be grateful to you for never giving up on me and giving me opportunities I never would have dreamed of. Marching band is one of my fondest memories from my time in high school, and I attribute much of that to what you were willing to do for and teach to your students.

Fall of 2007, my senior year of high school and I was front ensemble section leader
Miss Henderson (middle school band director) - Thank you for continuing to support us even after we were no longer middle school students. It was nice to have you travel with us and see that you wanted the best for us. There are many lessons that you taught that I still find myself thinking about and using in my life now.

Fall 2007, senior year of high school, taken directly following our last performance in Las Vegas, NV
Thank you to all the band parents who sacrificed their time to be with us during our performances. Especially my parents who participated in the band parent council, who never missed a show, and who continue to support my siblings doing band at Timpview currently.

Amy Demke, and believe it or not I was a senior.
Me and Ameri on graduation day!
Me, Kelsie, and Dr. Fullmer after graduation.
Thank you to all of my high school friends who made marching band so much fun, and something that I wanted to keep doing.

Freshman year at USU, third bass baby! Also, that cute guy standing on the latter in between the basses, yeah he's my husband now. :)

me with the fabulous Christy Jensen

That's me behind Tyler, we knew of each other, but definitely didn't think we would start dating, or even get married. I may be biased, but he was a great drum major.
Tyler is behind me in this one, but you can only see his back.
Thank you to the USU drum line from my freshman year. I had so much fun, and I learned a lot about myself playing with you guys.  

Me with Tio Sean Morris
Tyler, thank you for letting me continue to do marching band even after you had finished your senior year. It's been so fun, especially having you be the band photographer the past four years.

Gigs and I practiced this at every rehearsal. 2010.
First time marching saxophone and I feel good.

My section leader, Whitney. 2010.
Saxophone section and how Tami and I feel about it.
I learned even more about myself when I took upon the challenge to learn the saxophone. It was something I had always wanted to do and I was able to access musical qualities I never realized I had.
My good friend Audrey after the 2010 BYU vs USU game(We won). Audrey and I were seniors together in high school.
My section leader Kellie. 2011.
My first awkward tenor hug with Betsy.
Boise, anyone?
Saxophone Section Dress up day 2012. "Beam me up, Scotty."
My sister Maya and my dad work concessions at the BYU game to raise money for Timpview band. 2012
Above: Bao and I at the BYU Vs USU game. Below: Sounds of the Stadium. 2012.

This is me, Colin Jensen, and Elena Hutchinson after our Sounds of the Stadium concert. 2012.
Harsha is a babe. Our very first 2013 performance.
One of my best friends, Heather. I met her through TBS and I love seeing her any chance I get. Unfortunately she marches for the U. 2013.
My cymbal friends :)
I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to march with my sister, Kristen, who happens to be four years younger than me. In 2012 she marched piccolo and in 2013 we marched cymbals together for part of the season.
Shelley and I marched together in 2010, but she came back for a visit in 2013.
Our very sexy drumline. 2013.
Suspended Cymbals 2013.
More sexy drumline-ness. 2013.
Ending the season with a bang. 2013.
Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego and our super cute, but super awesome miniature drumline!

I cannot begin to express how grateful I am to everyone who has influenced me in someway. There are so many of you that I wish to thank personally, but I could not find the time or even the accurate way to put it into words what I feel about my time as a marching band participant. However, there is one person who I wish to thank publicly, because with out him I would not have had the amazing last season that I did.

Eric Scott Anderson. December 1, 1988 - August 26, 2013
Eric, you are one amazing friend. I honestly was not going to do marching band this past season, and you convinced me otherwise. I am so thankful for your willingness to serve, for your ability to love, and the ease you put into life. I'm not sure you know how much it meant to me when you said that band wouldn't be as much fun with out me in it. When you told me that, my mind was completely changed and I knew that I would be showing up to drum camp that very next day. The thing is, Eric, band definitely was not the same with out you. I had fun and this will be a season that I never forget. I firmly believe with my whole heart that you were there with us at every performance. I could feel you. I miss you so much, but I know that you are doing an important work where you are and I know that I will see you again. I will continue to try to live my life as you lived yours. I will focus on happiness and bringing joy to those around me. I will work hard, play hard, and smile hardest because that is what you lived by. Thank you Eric for being my friend and for helping convince me to do band one last year. Until we meet again.