My life according to my phone

So, I probably should have added pictures a long time ago, but here is my life since the last time I posted a bunch of photos. Enjoy.
Gluten-free pizza from Malawi's Pizza

Lights at Happy Valley Farmer's Market

Dragonfly I found on my porch

Sunset in Logan

Mall ridiculousness with my sisters

Kristen and I doing college marching band together
Kristen joined the USU Army ROTC

Tyler and I at Charlie's Icecream for a date
Brigham City Temple Openhouse

Basketball in the Spectrum

Voting day

Working my new job on campus
Walking home from campus
First snow day in Logan

Tyler fixing my camera
Tyler let me put up happy lights

Zoo trip with the Fam!
Jonathan loves black beans
Tyler got rear ended and though it doesn't look that bad the car was totaled :(
Jonathan likes to steal my hat and wear it
Jonathan decided he wanted to learn how to drive 
Kicking butt in my map making class

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  1. OMG map making is a class? Wtf. My mind is blown. I seriously need a map made. I have been trying to find a way to frame a map and the route of mike and my wedding trip, by finding a good m online or in an atlas and then either tracing, or using photoshop and illustrator to overlay our route, but its not working out :(