My life according to my phone

So, I probably should have added pictures a long time ago, but here is my life since the last time I posted a bunch of photos. Enjoy.
Gluten-free pizza from Malawi's Pizza

Lights at Happy Valley Farmer's Market

Dragonfly I found on my porch

Sunset in Logan

Mall ridiculousness with my sisters

Kristen and I doing college marching band together
Kristen joined the USU Army ROTC

Tyler and I at Charlie's Icecream for a date
Brigham City Temple Openhouse

Basketball in the Spectrum

Voting day

Working my new job on campus
Walking home from campus
First snow day in Logan

Tyler fixing my camera
Tyler let me put up happy lights

Zoo trip with the Fam!
Jonathan loves black beans
Tyler got rear ended and though it doesn't look that bad the car was totaled :(
Jonathan likes to steal my hat and wear it
Jonathan decided he wanted to learn how to drive 
Kicking butt in my map making class

The Gift of Grace

This is probably something I have needed to do for awhile, not for anyone except myself.
I have a testimony of my Lord, and Savior, Jesus Christ. I know that He died for me, to save me, an extremely imperfect child. I have questioned my belief and knowledge of God several times, and I always come back to the answer that He is there for me. No matter what I am going through God and Jesus always listen and they always comfort through the power of the Holy Ghost. I know that no matter what each of you are going through, God will be there for you. He loves you in a way that no one here on earth can understand perfectly.
Without a Savior, there is no happy ending, but we have a Savior. Jesus Christ understands each of us very intimately. He feels our sorrows and our joys, and more than anything He wants each of us to return to Him. I am so grateful to have a relationship with Him. He is the older brother that I've always wanted. He is protective of me, He gives me advice when I need it, He listens when I need to vent, He is my friend when I feel I have no where else to turn.
Jesus Christ has paid the price 100%, because of that I can return to Him, we all can if that is what we choose. The work that we do is to come closer to Him. The closer we become with Christ the better we can understand how perfect and wonderful the gift of grace is. When we continuously repent and we have a godly sorrow for the sins we have committed, it is part of coming closer to Christ. We can only have the gift of grace if we accept it in a sincere way.
I think that perhaps one of the most wondrous things is that God promises us such great blessings, because God knows us better than we know ourselves those promises can be a reality. We still must do everything we can to be a Christlike people, and to be better tomorrow than we were today, but I believe that everyone who accepts Christ into their hearts can return to a Celestial place.

A Little Bit

I've been thinking about writing a post for some time now, but just haven't brought myself to do it. I'm sure some of you know how it is, you really want to write and sound smart and witty, but then you actually sit down to write and you have no idea what to start typing. Every time I get in front of my computer to start blogging this is how it generally goes, but I'm here and I'm typing.
The husband and I have been really blessed.
We are still struggling and trying to stay happy amidst our trials, but it is truly amazing how doing the right things in life help immensely. We have really made more of an effort than we ever have before to pray together. I have never been a huge fan of praying out loud, even when other people are with me. I'm always saying prayers silently in my head and my heart where ever I am, so you would think that praying out loud wouldn't be that big of a deal, but for some reason it is for me. We are definitely in no way perfect, and we do forget to pray sometimes, but we are getting better and we have noticed a difference. We have also started reading our scriptures more. I think we are maybe remembering to do this once a week, but it is a lot better than when we maybe only did it once a month.
I am so grateful to see the Lord's hand in our life together. Lately  I have been able to say that although life is hard, it is so good at the same time. Without the gospel in my life I wouldn't be able to say that.