When it rains...

...it pours. At least, that's what they say. But I think for the most part I am in agreeance (I'm not sure if this is a word, but I just made it one) with that statement. I won't go into the details because, the reality is no one likes to listen to a whiner. At least I don't. So, why would I submit you into reading all about my woes.
This week has been a testament to me that there are good people out there and that people can change. I really appreciate the love and support I have received from my many friends this past week, and whether you know it or not, a lot of you have helped me stay on the positive side of things.
Also, I really want to emphasize that God loves. I think that sometimes we get so caught up in the politics or who's right and who's wrong that we forget the things that really matter. It is not our place to judge the decisions of other people. I try really hard to be a loving person. To really try to get to know everyone I meet. Which I believe is the way God wants us to be.
So what, if she's fat and your not. So what, if he's gay and you're straight. So what, if they drink and you don't. So what, if you attend church regularly and your neighbor doesn't. So what, if they have piercings and tattoos and you are clean shaven. So what, if you believe in God and they don't. So what, if they're democrat and you're republican. So what, if you're poor and they are rich. Seriously, so what? Tell me, tell me right now and I'll back off. Regardless of where we are in life, we don't have the right to judge or hate anyone based on their actions. We are commanded to love. And God loves everyone despite the little things. I know good people in all shapes, colors, forms, sizes, religions, sexual orientations, political parties, etc. And you know what, God knows them too and He loves them. I know I keep repeating that, but I know that it is truth. God is not capable of hate.
Come what may, God will always love everyone.

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