Living for Today

No matter how much I want life to slow down, it just isn't happening. Life has been plowing forward and I have been trying to keep up and with all of this go, go, go, blogging hasn't been on the list of priorities. But I'm back and I hope to be here awhile.
I recently had an assignment to visit a protected area. It was a really good assignment. Did you know that over 50% of Utah is protected from the 2009 Wilderness Protection Act? Utah is third in the nation, behind Alaska and Nevada, with the most protected land. I went to Zion National Park, where I totally felt at home and in my element. I always forget how awesome it is to just be in nature. The husband, his family, and I stayed at their cabin which is right outside of Zion's. And everything was just good.
If you are a pessimist, which is a natural tendency for humans, it is easy to say that life sucks. And most of the time that is probably true. Life does suck and it can suck a lot out of you, if that is what you are focused on. But for me sitting around the fire pit with the embers barely a glow, crickets chirping in the distance, and with the stars filling the night sky, in this moment, life is good. It reminded me that this is what life should feel like always. I went out in nature to feel peace and I found it. I found it hiking to the emerald pools. I found it seeing the beautiful coloring of the rocks and cliffs. I found it sitting outside at night by myself, staring in to the night sky. I was able to forget everything else in the world, catch my breath, and just relax. I really didn't do much on this trip except absorb the beauty and my soul was rejuvenated.
The falls at Lower Emerald Pool

The view on the hike to the Middle Emerald Pools

Awesome coloring of rocks

Lower Emerald Pool

More water shots.

The husband and I. I try to tell him to not squint, but he does anyway.

Pretty rocks