I would like to make a toast...

Not some toast, although hot toast with butter and jam sounds rather delicious at this moment in time. Anyway, on with my toast. Ahem, ::cough, cough:: (clearing my throat, isn't that what they do in the movies?) The husband and I made it through one whole year! Hallelujah!
While it is very exciting that it's been a year, I don't believe that the first year is the hardest. At least for us it seemed pretty easy. After this weekend we realized that the next several years ahead of us will probably be a lot more emotional and a lot harder than we imagined we would have to face. I'm definitely not ready to tell the world what is going on, but Tyler and I will be okay. I am mostly just saying that to try and believe it myself. But I do know that God wouldn't give us any trial we couldn't handle and I'm excited for the blessings we will receive as we meet this challenge head on.
We had a simple first anniversary. I don't think either of us could have enjoyed anything over exciting or over stimulating.  We stayed up late the night before watching Burn Notice, the next day we walked around, ate at the Olive Garden, rented some movies, and mostly just had a quiet day. We rented Rango and Limitless. Rango was weird and I don't know that I'll ever watch it again, but I really enjoyed the character Priscilla. I liked Limitless. I will admit that it is a very strange movie, but the kind of strange that I enjoy, like Alice in Wonderland or Big Fish. Mostly it's just been really quiet around here, not boring, just quiet.

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