Summer Magic

While I have yet to gain many followers, I have gained a very fun and unique friend through blogging. Her blog is hilarious, Wearing it on My Sleeves. And if you have never seen it go check it out right now, you will not be disappointed. Well, I decided to copy one of her posts because I loved it so much.
I have been complaining a lot about how much I don't like Logan, but after going through my pictures I realize that it really has been a magical summer (although, just a bit slow).

This is Jonathan, my baby brother. He likes popsicles....

and he likes birthday cake....

and he likes playing mario kart wii. 
What a cutie.

 This is Josie, my niece at our family reunion...she likes to call them nenunions.

In my in-laws backyard. The husband actually took this picture, but I did some editing on it. 

BTS cake and Tres Leches for the husband's birthday party. If you have never eaten either of these, then you have never lived. So, come visit me immediately and I will make them and you will think you are in heaven. 

When you live in Utah you have things like this in your backyard... 

And this too.... 

 And this...

And probably this too, you just have to know where to find it. 

And when you have magical places right in your backyard you get to go there with all your cool friends.

 And when you go there, you can sun bathe on rocks...
and jump off to play in the water.
This is the Cat in the Hat. I made a piƱata for Josie's 4th birthday. I think it's cute.

The husband tries to take cool pictures, and sometimes they do turn out cool.
There is all sorts of magic in this picture.
a. cutting all my hair off
b. wearing a sweatshirt that is starting to become too big
c. being able to share comfy shorts with the husband so that I don't have to go and try and find some to cover something that is very special to me. Trust me, finding modest shorts for women/ladies is a really hard task, one that I have yet to have luck in
d. soft, comfy blankets for snuggling. After a week of 80+ degrees 24/7, it finally cooled down enough last night that I could get my blankets back out. Hallelujah!
And a close up of my short hair so you can tell me what you think!

Now everyone can be jealous of the great summer I have been having so far, and it's not even over yet! 9 days and the husband and I will have made it to one year! A whole year. It seems surreal almost, but it did go by very quickly. We decided to go to Lagoon, because we like to have fun. Also, since we are discussing good news and such, I have lost ten pounds! Yay! Now, 30ish more to go to be the same size before my accident (More of that will be discussed on Aug. 6th, considering that will be my 2 year anniversary since I thought I would never walk again). AND, if you believe in praying, pray for us. I have yet to (I think I use that phrase or variations of this phrase a lot) say anything about what is happening in a month from fear that I will jinx it. In 26 days the husband will be flying to Annapolis to audition for the Naval Academy Bands. Now, for those of you who don't know how big this is, it's BIG! This is one of DC's premiere bands. If he made it he would be performing with some of the top players in the world. He is auditioning on alto saxophone and for the past couple weeks he has been practicing every night for up to three hours! Now that my friends is dedication. If you want to hear more about how all of this came to be, let me know and I'll write a little something and post it.

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  1. YAY!!! So many good things are happening for you! I'm so excited for you and your husband!

    I'm sure glad we've been able to share in some of your summer fun (and cake - YUM!)!