I have reached the age of real adulthood...

I honestly thought that turning 21 would somehow make me feel more grown up, partially because I get a new drivers license this week, partially because 21 sounds cooler than 20, and partially because 21 is supposed to just feel better than 20. But I don't feel any different and maybe I don't feel different because sharing my birthday with a major national holiday and my husbands family reunion has made it feel not quite the same. Plus I didn't realize that my birthday wasn't posted on my facebook page and I was actually looking forward to getting the not so sincere and vague birthday wishes....if nothing else at least facebook was supposed to remind everyone it was my birthday. However this year only 3 people outside of family even remembered.

I think a lot of people make a list of things they would like to do while they are 21, but I'm going to do it anyway. So, in no particular order here is what I am going to do within the next year.

1. Visit Yellowstone for my first time

2. Lose 40 lbs

3. Learn how to fish

4. Upgrade my small game hunting license to a real hunter's permit

5. Finish my service-learning project

6. Learn and perform 3 new solos on my clarinet

7. Learn how to ride a motorcycle

8. Dress for success everyday (unless of course I'm sick, or cleaning the house)

9. Ride my bike more often

10. Learn how to sew

11. Take a karate class

12. Take a kick boxing class

13. Make new friends

14. Pray more fervently

15. Throw a big party for no particular reason

16. Go on all of the hikes in cache valley

17. Find a way to start riding horses again (I miss it a lot)

18. Get to know my neighbors

19. Write a letter to everyone who has helped influence my life for the better

20. Go back to visit Northern Arizona

21. Visit Idaho just because I can

These are all things I believe I can do before I turn 22, and hopefully by the time that day comes I will feel like the adult I am supposed to be.

I would also like to give a shout out to my baby brother who turned one on June 28th, my sister who turned 19 on June 24th, and my husband who turned 29 on June 22nd. I love you all so much and it has been awesome to spend time with you guys. I also enjoyed the family birthday party we had last week.

Birthday cake is only good if you can get it every where ;-)

And probably the worst part of my birthday was this:
Worst sunburn of my life...it was 20x worse on my legs :(

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  1. I love your list! Maybe I should do something like that. Is that ok if I copy? (Not the list, but the idea. I've already copied the sunburn. Ouch!) ;)