Day 28 - A song I can play on an instrument

If you know me and the husband, then you know that we both love music and that we both play and own a variety of instruments. I play the piano, the clarinet in all forms, the saxophone in almost all forms, percussion instruments, and I used to play the violin and I could probably still play the basics on the violin. Tyler plays all saxophones, clarinet, flute, and guitar. We both sing. So, from all of this you should have gotten that we like music (just a bit though).
A few years ago, it seemed that everyone knew how to play 100 years on the piano and I was determined to learn it as well. Now I can play it. I can also play lots of other songs on several different instruments, but this video was the easiest to embed in a blog post.
If I can find some good recordings of some of the solos I have played on clarinet then I will post those as well. Until then, enjoy this video :)

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