It's the little things...

Oh man, I really should tell you more about what Tyler and I are up to. We got a new old couch this week! and because we got a new old couch we got to rid our selves of our really old couch, the one that was like 70 years old. Our new old couch is big and comfy and great for snuggling, which Tyler and I love!
Last night Tyler and I had a date night. Pure bliss. We started out with the temple and then went to dinner at Pizza Pie Cafe. Yummy. And after dinner we watched Just Go With It - love it! And then we snuggled, yeah snuggling.
This morning it was rainy and thundering and wonderful because Tyler got to sleep in with me and we snuggled some more. And now he just go home from work, he brought me a mountain dew! :) Love him. And tonight we are making lumpias - a delicious Filipino dish.

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