I'm not lying, he really is 29...

Today was Tyler's 29th birthday! But I am a big believer in having a birthday week, so we've been having fun all over the place. Today was the first of three birthday parties and it was so much fun even if cooking and cleaning all day to get ready was a pain in my you know where. 

 Before the party, and I'm ready to go!

Tyler's birthday present that so many people helped me get for him.

And now for pictures of the birthday boy :)
Isn't he the cutest?

 And of course after the party we are both in our proper places, Tyler enjoying his birthday gift and me pooped out on the couch.


Day 24 - A song I want played at my funeral

It's been a busy couple of weeks and I haven't had all the time in the world to play online and blog, but I am back. I really do want this song played at my funeral. The Beatles are one of my most favorite bands. I am not afraid to die, actually I am looking forward to it in the sense that I will be with my Heavenly Father again. To me this song is what reuniting with Him is going to be like. I will live life to its fullest until it is my time, but what a good day it will be to be in Heaven.


It's the little things...

Oh man, I really should tell you more about what Tyler and I are up to. We got a new old couch this week! and because we got a new old couch we got to rid our selves of our really old couch, the one that was like 70 years old. Our new old couch is big and comfy and great for snuggling, which Tyler and I love!
Last night Tyler and I had a date night. Pure bliss. We started out with the temple and then went to dinner at Pizza Pie Cafe. Yummy. And after dinner we watched Just Go With It - love it! And then we snuggled, yeah snuggling.
This morning it was rainy and thundering and wonderful because Tyler got to sleep in with me and we snuggled some more. And now he just go home from work, he brought me a mountain dew! :) Love him. And tonight we are making lumpias - a delicious Filipino dish.

Day 22 - A song I listen to when I'm sad


Day 21 - A song I listen to when I'm happy

This is a beautiful song and if you've never heard it, seriously listen to it right now.


Day 19 - A song from my favorite album

This is a really good song. And sorry I haven't posted in a few days, it's been a very busy weekend.


Day 18 - A song from my parents generation

I totally love this song, and I think everyone should love it too.

Bragging Rights

The husband has been trying out photography ever since....well, ever since we've been together. I'm proud to say he's getting pretty good. So good, in fact, that I'm going to post some of his photos that he took recently on here. I edited the photos because he's still learning that aspect, but the actual photos are ones he took this past weekend at his parents.

 I think the one above is my favorite because of the way the sun dances off the grass and flowers. The husband has a pretty good eye.

These are some of my favorite flowers. They are called bleeding hearts and they smell fabulous.

Baby Brother

Let me tell you, it's really hard to take pictures of a wiggly child. However, I think these turned out rather nicely. My favorite one is of Tyler and Jonathan together.


Day 17 - A song I've discovered that I like recently

Don't worry, there are no swear words in the actual song, just the title. And the video is a little sketchy. There's something not a whole lot of people know about me and this song reminds me of the days when I'm really struggling with my depression.