Tyler and I are really bad at blogging

I just realized that no one really knows how the Whittakers are doing. Sometime's I feel like I don't even know how we're doing. Well, where can I start?
Ty started his new job about a month ago, he sprays lawns. You know, to kill the weeds and stuff. He seems to really like it, although he comes home really smelly everyday. I think it's good for him, being in the sunshine. He definitely seems happier for the most part. The hardest part about this job is he can't go to work when it's rainy or snowy, and Logan hasn't figured out that it's May yet. This week has been good though, Monday was the only rainy day.
About 3 weeks ago(ish), I was in the hospital with Mesenteric Adenitis. Fun stuff, all sorts of pain, and nothing the doctors could do to make it go away quickly because it was caused by a virus. So they just gave me some Vicodin, and sent me on my way instructing me that if the pain worsens to come back. Luckily the pain did not get worse and I just vegged on the couch for 5 days until I could stand walking again. Probably the worst time of year for this to happen, considering it was the end of the semester and almost finals week. But I made it through my finals and passed all my classes (thankfully).
A big part of me thinks that getting sick was due to stress, and Tyler agrees. But there is an end in sight. Only 3 semesters left in Logan, and then on to bigger and better things.
We still have yet to decide if we are going to try to both do grad school at the same time, or if Tyler is just going to do grad school and I'll work. I really want to go to grad school, but we will see what happens. Ty is a good man waiting for me to finish my undergrad, and I definitely couldn't do it with out him.

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