This One's for Holly

I know these two very wonderful, great, deserving people. Their names are Nate and Holly. I remember the first time I met them almost three years ago and thinking "Wow, these are some of the nicest people I have ever met." And while these two people are being amazing and caring and loving to everyone around them it seems like life just keeps throwing dirt in their faces.
Nate and Holly have been trying to adopt for a really long time now and yet when something comes up it seems that it just ends up falling through. It breaks my heart that they don't have children because they would be some of the best parents this world has ever seen. If I didn't have such a great mom, I would want Holly as a mom. Holly is so fun and I love her.
If you believe in prayer, please pray for them. They deserve to be parents, to have a child to love and care for. I can't even pretend that I know how Holly feels, but I am saddened that this has been such a hard, grueling process for them.
Holly, Tyler and I are praying for you. We think about you often and we love you. I know this is just one small blog post, but I hope that in some way it helps.
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  1. Thanks Jessie (& Tyler). We sure miss you guys.