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Oh, has it been a long time. I just haven't been finding the time to blog. Because I am so busy this semester any free time I have is either spent with the husband or just be lazy because any time I spend near my computer just reminds me of how busy school has made me. Ridiculous, I know. Anyway, lots has been going on. With the start of a new semester many new responsibilities have come.
  • I am TAing for a class called Climate Change. I took it last spring and was quite fascinated by it. The professor is also a very excellent teacher and love that I get to sit in the class again and listen to his lectures. I also love being able to help the other students taking the class this semester. It makes me feel really smart when I can explain something to them that they don't quite understand. 
  • I'm diving pretty much head first into all my major classes. Up until now I've been working mostly on my generals and my minor (Music). Being in the college of Natural Resources is awesome. The professor for my favorite class is also my adviser. He is awesome. So far everything about this major is awesome.
  • The husband and I recently received our first calling in our ward. We are primary teachers. I will be honest and tell you that at first I was a little upset and disappointed. Especially because I have just come to terms with being in a new ward and attempting to be more of a participant in RS and what not, but I figure this will be a good experience for me and I can learn from it. (Wish me luck)
  • I've realized that I love making lists (if you can't tell from how the majority of my blog posts are laid out). I feel like I don't have to be as eloquent in my language if I make a list. It also helps me feel like I have control of my life and I know exactly what is going on.
  • I wasn't completely sure with how I felt about being a member of Tau Beta Sigma (Band Sorority), but I'm really starting to enjoy it more than I ever thought I would. Being the Treasurer was a little nerve wrecking at first, but I think I have gotten the hang of things.
  •  I'm also very excited that so many of my friends are getting married soonish. I won't be the only one that's married :)
I hope that's everything I need to update you guys on.
p.s. Despicable Me, really great movie!

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