Brown Boots and Some Extreme Skinnies

Happy Holidays to all you reading this. This particular post is especially for Julie because I haven't blogged in forever and she has inspired me to post something. Julie also gives some of the best hugs in case you were wondering.
-Christmas was especially good this year. The husband and I were able to do extra for others. In particular my sister-in-law, Michelle, and her family. Michelle is a very simple girl and she would much rather be doing something for somebody else than letting people help her. She is so sweet and I love her very much. This Christmas we got her some really awesome jeans (including skinny jeans!!!) We also bought her some really adorable brown boots. I also helped pick out some other clothes for her. I loved watching her open gifts on Christmas morning, that was quite possibly the best gift of all.
-If any of you follow my other blogs I apologize for not having posted pictures of my awesome Christmas decorations in the apartment, I promise when I go back to Logan I will put those pics up ASAP.
-A year ago today the husband asked my dad permission to marry me. New Year's Day will be a year since we got engaged. :) I told him he should replicate the day for me.
-I have decided that Mario Kart Wii is quite possibly one of the greatest video games ever. The husband and I got it for my family for Christmas and it has been so fun playing with my siblings.
-I've also been thinking of New Year's resolutions since that time of year is coming up. Maybe being more consistent in my blogging will be one of my goals. We'll see.
Until next time...Thanks for stopping by.

P.S. Happy Anniversary Tom and Michelle :)

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