A Social Butterfly With a Unibrow

There is so much on my mind and so much to blog about I don't even know where to begin. And beginning is hard when I am so easily distracted by everything around me.
  • I've recently come to the conclusion of how much I really am a social butterfly. Although, the more I think about the term "social butterfly" I wonder if that is the right description for me. Sometimes I feel like maybe I'm more of a social outcast bee. Now before you hurt your brain trying to figure out what I mean, let me explain. I love butterflies, I think they are very beautiful creatures. However, being a social outcast bee better describes how I feel about life right now. I have a lot of friends, regardless of how I feel about people and the fact that generally I don't like them. I am friends with so many different people that there are a lot of people that don't get along with each other so I have to be careful with who I invite around at certain times. I also don't really feel the same with some of my best friends from a couple years ago, that's what makes me feel like an outcast. Now that the husband is around I feel like I'm not really treated the same. I don't get invited to hang out unless it is convenient for whatever person to have me around. For example, bees are social insects, they work and do everything together. But right now in my life I am only invited around when I am needed. Some things I'm needed for include but are not limited to advice, help with homework, or no one else was around to hang out with. Luckily, I do have the husband to keep me company when I am feeling lonely.
  • Walking around campus everyday for my classes is quite amusing actually. I've always been a people watcher and there are some pretty great people to watch for on campus. Sometimes I am tempted to walk up to people and say, "did you look in the mirror this morning?" I know that is so terrible, but it's true. Sometimes I just don't understand why people wear what they wear. And if you have good hearing like I do you can hear some pretty interesting things people say. Just yesterday I was walking behind a girl on the phone with who knows who and she said, "Yep, it's a purple penis." What does that even mean? Why would you say something like that? I was shocked, but I was still able to laugh at it because of how ridiculous it sounded.
  • For those of you who don't know, I'm half Mexican. Part of being half Mexican means that I have a unibrow. It's not my favorite thing in the world for obvious reasons, so I have been plucking it for almost as long as I can remember. My dad is the one from Mexico and he always asks why my sisters and I pluck our eyebrows because he thinks we should wear our unibrow proudly as part of our heritage or something like that. I love my dad, and I love being half Mexican but not enough to stop plucking. Now as it gets colder it grows back faster....I swear I have been plucking everyday for the past week to rid myself of it. Which has made me create a new goal for myself, someday I will get laser hair removal on it. I can't wait.
  • So, I guess this is my post for complaining because I have another thing I'm going to tell you that has really been bothering me. For my Behavior Analysis class right now we are in partnerships to do a behavior recording project. The girl that I have been paired with has so far bailed on every meeting we have set up and comes up with excuses about why she can't meet with me. I really want to get a good grade on this assignment and yet she just doesn't not seem interested in helping at all. On Friday I'm speaking to my professor, I'd rather do the assignment by myself and just let her get a bad grade then try to cover her lazy butt. Thankfully, for the next project I won't have to work with her.
  • I have decided that I really like sitting in the library, it's very soothing, more so than I thought it would be. Also listening to music while I'm in the library has calmed me down quite a bit and has helped me focus enough to actually blog. Soon I will have to start my homework though.
  • Today I talked to my Momma on the phone. She gave me very good advice. She says she isn't sure where she heard it, but she thought I could benefit from it. "Life isn't about waiting for the storms to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain." I love my Momma she always knows what to say to help me feel better about life. She truly is a super woman, even if she always disagrees with me when I tell her so.
  • The husband is still looking for a job and is feeling awfully discouraged, so if you believe in praying, please do so for him. I keep trying to encourage him, but there is only so much I can do. 
  • Thanks to NieNie, my new favorite singer is Mindy Gledhill. Her songs make life so much happier, especially from her latest album.
  • To end on a happy note, I would like to share with you was my sacrament meeting experience from Sunday. The husband and I went to Provo this weekend to spend some time with my parents and his parents. We decided to attend his parents ward for sacrament meeting. The primary in the ward was putting on a primary program, which is basically the children under 12 singing and speaking and bearing testimony of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. When I was younger I used to feel the Spirit so easily. I've noticed that as the older I have gotten the harder it is for me to focus enough to feel the Spirit, especially since I'm more concerned with keeping my anxiety under control with how many people are actually at church. As the children were singing and speaking and reading scriptures, I felt the Spirit. The longer the program went on the more I felt the Spirit grow stronger and stronger. I get so caught up with life that I forget how simple truth really is. These kids on Sunday get it and they helped me remember it. Life is good and our Heavenly Father and our Brother Jesus Christ are watching over us, they want to help us and I am so grateful for that knowledge and I am grateful to be humbled by the young children of my church who are still so close to Him that gave us life. They know more than I think a lot of us give them credit for. I look forward to the next primary program I get to watch.
Have a wonderful week! Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Hey, do you have Dr Cheney for your Behavioral Analysis class? I took that class way back in 2000 and LOVED it.