A need to post

It's been way too long since the last time I posted. I keep telling myself that I am going to get back on top of blogging especially since I love it so much. It helps me relax and feel better about life. I've had lots on my mind lately so I will start from the very beginning.
-My last post was posted because I was informed that I wasn't being placed on USU's drumline-which was a rough thing for me to comprehend especially since the only thing I've ever done for marching band is drumline/percussion. Instead I was to be playing saxophone, which has turned out wonderfully. At the beginning I was upset and confused about it, but now I am happy and really enjoying it.
-Because of this change in plans for marching band I have made so many more friends than I would have if I had stayed on the drumline, I think. And I really love having good friends.
-I have learned a lot about myself during the past few weeks. I have realized that I am a lot braver now than I have ever been in the past. I also learned that picking up the saxophone has come a lot easier than I expected it to.
-I am loving my new major. I have finally settled on Psychology as my major and I have never been happier. My classes are awesome, my professors are awesome, and I am so willing to work my butt off to do well as a Psych major.
-My ring that the husband picked out has lost one of its diamonds :( but it is being fixed and soon I will have it back with everything in tact.
-The husband and I have been facing a lot of hardships with school and job hunting, but with it we have been blessed immensely. I am so grateful that we are able to see the Lord's hands in our lives regardless of our trials currently.
-Because of the wonderful financial aid I have been given for this school year, the husband and I are able to pay for my tuition and books, a new computer for myself (which came with an ipod touch), our housing, and still have some for food to survive.
-Pretty sure the husband loves the ipod touch more than me (just kidding).
-My new favorite singer right now is Mindy Gledhill, and her new music video Anchor is possibly one of the greatest of all time. Hope you enjoy! And have a fabulous Labor Day!


  1. Glad things are getting better. :)

    And I love the song. Apparently Mindy Gledhill's office is right next door to Cory's, there's even a random door that leads from his to hers. He saw them bringing the piano up to shoot the video and was wondering what it was for, until he realized it was for this video. The guys that actually made the video are just down the hallway. They also did the Neon Trees one. I think it's awesome that Cory's around such cool people. :)

  2. Congratulations on getting married!!! That's so exciting. I love finding bloggers in Utah it seriously never happens! We can definitely be friends!