Neon Yellow Zebra Stripes.

I changed my blog and I think I like it a lot.
Also my fuse is very short and I wish I felt comfortable enough to talk to someone, anyone about it.
But I really really hate complaining about things that seem so silly.
Also I am skipping my birthday and just telling everyone I'm 23 until I turn 23 and then I will stop skipping my birthday.
Lya didn't skip her birthday, she is 18 now. It scares me a little bit. (She can go to big kid jail now if she is bad).
Tomorrow is my mama's baby shower. She is having a girl in 10 days if everything goes alright.
I really like snuggling with my kitties.
Oh yeah, and the past couple of nights I've been camping-in the back yard with a mattress in the tent and my cell phone and computer.
I also love playing with horses and want to do it all the time now. Especially after hanging out with Ali and the Bradley's last weekend.
Last but not least I have some sweet tanlines - on my feet from my Chaco sandals and on my left hand ring finger from my engagement ring.
Yay for Neon Yellow Zebra Stripes.

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