Please don't tell me my life is easy because all I have to do is plan a wedding

Maybe it was just me, but do you remember ever playing make believe wedding as a small child? Or even make believe house, doctor, or school? Make believe was a constant in my life growing up (sometimes it still is). I've had things planned more or less for years, and yet now as I have the opportunity to plan (with out the make believe), I find myself stressed and on the brink of tears on several occasions.
I honestly didn't realize how much I would dislike planning the real event. Pretending, I never had to look past my toy room to find the things I needed for my perfect wedding. Now calling different places, going to stores over and over, being asked a million questions I'm not even sure I know the answer to just gives me severe headaches.
Can I just use the toy room for my wedding, please?

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