Here's to you, Sis.

I know we haven't always been the best of friends, most of the time it seems like we are the worst of enemies. We either stick together like paper and glue or we fight so hard it makes world war 3 terrified to even start. I know I'm just your big sis, and I shouldn't worry so much, but I do-it comes with being the oldest. I'm scared to see you leave the nest. I was scared for myself, but I was staying slightly closer to home than you are. However I know you'll kick some major butt out in the real world. My advice to you-don't forget who you are, seriously. From personal experience I can say that it is so easy to get caught up in what's going on around you that somewhere in the scheme of things the religion and spirituality get lost. You have so much to offer this world, all of us in the fam are going to end up doing something big, I just know it. Don't you ever settle. Keep going until you have climbed all the mountains you want to climb. Follow your dreams to the ends of the earth. Never give up. Laugh until you cry. Dance until your sides hurt. Live without missing a single moment. You are a beautiful daughter of God, and because of that YOU can do anything. Keep Him before anything else in your life and you will succeed, I promise. Do all of those Sunday School "cookie cutter" answers, especially use the prayer cookie cutter, everyday as often as you can and you will be happy.
When we were kids I never thought we would grow up so fast. I'll never forget all those times we played school in the summer because we were so sad school was out, and our bike rides in the canyon to Nunn's Park, or the times we wanted to go sledding so bad that we would just sled down our minuscule hill in the front yard. I'll also never forget the time you stuck that nail file in the plug socket and the way you shot across the room. I'll always remember our family vacations to Mexico and the times we spent catching turtles and putting them in the fountain because we thought they would really enjoy that. And how the parentals always bought us Fanta in glass bottles and then we would drink them in the hotel lobby sitting next to Abuelita or Tia Virgin. We had some pretty excellent times in Mexico. Do you remember the time there was a microburst and we got so scared that we put all of our stuffed animals and pillows and blankets into Grandma's bathtub and stayed there safe? Or all the times we would do head stands and hand stands propped up against the wall? We thought we were so cool. Probably one of my most favorite memories is our Lion King themed dance we put on for our neighbors, haha. It seemed like the whole neighborhood turned up for that one. I could go on forever talking about all the crazy things we did as children, or the late nights talking about boys, or all the chickflicks we would watch when we just wanted to be haters.
Where ever you go in life don't forget me...or the rest of the fam. We are here for you. We love you and we want to see you succeed. One day we'll be able to say, "Hey, that's my daughter." or "That's my sister." We're proud of you. I'm proud of you and I hope we'll become better friends as we start growing up more.
Congratulations on Graduating!


When I Grow Up...

Do you ever feel like you finally have your life figured out enough to give you a moment of peace and then all of sudden, in a blink of an eye, you realize you still have no idea what you want to be when you grow up? Maybe it's just me, but this happens all the time in my life. I'm just barely a Junior at USU and I think I might have changed my major six times already. I love learning and honestly wish I could do everything. If there was a professional student major that's probably what I would go after. I want to be one of those people who helps save the world. Being at the stage in life where I do need to somewhat figure out what I want to be when I grow up, I have come to two conclusions:
1. I want to be a mother more than anything. And I want to be a cool one too. This realization has only occurred recently. I remember when I was younger and saying, "Ooh, I want to be a doctor and work in the ER." Or "Wouldn't being a forensic scientist be fun?" Or "I think I will go to law school." And when I played make believe I would pretend all of those things plus many others, but I never played house where I was the mom. Now I still pretend that I could go into all of those fields and I am working on Psychology as my major, but once I am done with all my schooling I want to be a good mom.
2. When I grow up I want to be just like my Father and Mother. I'm not referring to my earthly parents although they have several qualities I wish to develop as I get older. I'm referring to my Heavenly Parents. What a wonderful world we would live in if we all strived to be like our Heavenly Parents. Ultimately that's what I want for myself. They are able to love all of us beyond our comprehension, they have unlimited knowledge, they understand people and their circumstances,  they are patient and generous, and much, much more. I know they are watchful of me, they want what's best for me, and they are cheering for me to make the right decisions. Looking around myself everyday I see all the beautiful tender mercies I have been given and I just know that there is a higher power. As I travel to many different places and see with my own eyes what the world has to offer my testimony of a Father and Mother in Heaven grows. My testimony of Christ grows. There is no way the earth was created randomly through a bang, or whatever other theories there are, unless God wanted it that way. But I do know without a doubt that the earth was created by Jesus Christ with the help of our Heavenly Father. To everyone, whether you are a believer or not, we are lucky to live on this planet and to have so many beautiful places to visit and see. There is beauty and goodness in everything, but you'll only see it if you look and listen with your heart.


"Because I Knew You"

How can so many of my friends like him? He's so rugged and rebellious. And here I am trying so hard to get him to come to seminary...against my will I might add. I would hate to disappoint my seminary teacher when he puts so much trust in me getting this guy to come to class. It's not a walk in the park. I don't blame him for not wanting to come, early morning seminary is a harsh time to have class. I guess I should talk to him....maybe later.
I didn't necessarily want a high school relationship. I never expected it to last as long as it did, but I guess that's what happens when you fall in love. I remember the first time we kissed-I was happy, but at the same time I knew my friends would be furious especially since they all had liked him for a lot longer than I had. 
It was a good relationship the majority of the time. We had our ups and downs just like any relationship. He was my best friend more than anything. With out him I wouldn't be entirely the person I am today. At times I miss him a lot, mostly the close friendship we had. We had some good times. 
"I've heard it said
That people come into our lives for a reason
Bringing something we must learn
And we are led
To those who help us most to grow
If we let them
And we help them in return
Well, I don't know if I believe that's true
But I know I'm who I am today
Because I knew you...
It well may be
That we will never meet again
In this lifetime
So let me say before we part
So much of me
Is made of what I learned from you
You'll be with me
Like a hand print on my heart
And now whatever way our stories end
I know you have re-written mine
By being my friend...
And just to clear the air
I ask forgiveness
For the things I've done you blame me for
But then, I guess we know
There's blame to share
And none of it seems to matter anymore..."

TDV- "Because I knew you, I have been changed for good." Thank you for the good times and being my high school sweetheart. Siempre habrá una parte especial de mi corazón para tu. Que Dios siempre le bendiga.



Mothers - 2 days late

I have had every intention of blogging almost everyday for the past little while, but I haven't been on top of it. Instead I've let everything possible get in the way of doing so. Who knows, maybe by posting this today someone will actually read it instead of just skimming over it.

I have had many amazing ladies affect my life. There are so many I couldn't possibly name them all here. But here are just a few that I would like to introduce you to.

I have respected this woman since I first met her over 14 years ago. She has always been interested in my life and my family's life. Always asking how we are, helping out when she can, smiling for everything. I have never seen her not smile and she always has a hug on hand for anyone who needs it. She is a huge example to me. I hope that one day I can be just as happy everyday as she is happy everyday.

I have a weakness and that is homesickness. Whenever I got homesick at girls camp I could go to Stacy and feel okay again. She's the mom of one of my best friends and I love her. She is also a very upbeat lady. Always knows what to say and how to make things better. Many years of girls camp would have been horrid with out her there.

Grandma Joan-
She does what she can to spoil me and the rest of her grandchildren. She's stubborn and strong and usually gets her way. I've always been impressed with her courage to stand up to people. She doesn't let anyone walk over her and she knows how to get the job done. She's great at telling stories and could talk for hours on end if we let her. She once took me to the movies because I was having a bad day. Now that is a true friend.

Loving and accepting, I don't know if there is anything else to say. She has an amazing capacity to love so many different people no matter their circumstances, plus she accepts them as well. Only a truly amazing woman does this sincerely, and Shirley is definitely one of those truly amazing women.

Sally Anne-
My mom. I love her so much. And although I'm not sure how many people see how courageous she is. I see it. She has a simple faith and does what she needs to spiritually. My siblings and I are all a little crazy but she has done a good job of loving us, caring for us, and raising us. She's funny, emotional, sensitive to the spirit, beautiful, and so many other things. That's what makes her such a great mom for me.

I can't wait until I get to be a mom, hopefully someday my kids will have great things to say about me.
My sister's Mother's Day post is excellent as well, you can read it here.


Slowly Coming Together

80 days until this little shin-dig. Things are coming together....slowly....with a whole load of stress. I'm excited to get married, but I'm not sure how I feel about all the material stuff that comes with it. I'm still tired and emotional about it all. Crying is something that I never expected to come with the happiness and excitement of a marriage. Maybe good tears, but not the ridiculous negative bad waterworks.
Keep me and everyone helping with the wedding in your prayers please. All of us could use it.


“Musician’s paint their pictures on silence.”

There’s something about the way music moves so many people in so many different ways. It’s a way to connect to people that we would have no desire to do so otherwise.
I love music.


Child at Heart—Adult by Age

Finals are finally here. At the beginning of the semester I never thought finals week would come as fast as it did. Surprisingly I'm not as stressed out as I thought I would be. I have made some awesome friends this semester and they have all blessed my life immensely. I have found a pretty good way to balance my life appropriately. I have stayed on top of all my classes and have had a party socializing. I expect to get all A's and B's in my classes and I'm stoked to bring my GPA back up.
I'm not entirely sure I'm ready to be an adult(legally I have been an adult for more than year, haha). I have too much fun playing with friends or by myself. But at the same time I'm loving adult life.

To be a child again part 3

Model: Josie May

To be a child again part 2

Model: Josie May

To be a child again

 Model: Josie May