To My Handful of Followers

I have been MIA, and I'm sorry. Sometimes it's just so easy to get caught up in the chaos of life and forget to actually take the time to write something down.

My Grandpa was in a car accident last Thursday. He's okay, but it was a little scary. My Grandma was tripping out over it. I was slightly amused to see her so distressed. Everything is swell now, so no worries.

I also got some Simplicity dress patterns on Saturday. 5 for $5, what a steal! I saved over 75$, Thank you Hancock Fabrics.

How about that sunny yellow thing in the sky? Beautiful isn't it? Warm weather is making me smile and itch for finals to be done and over with. 10 school days and 3 finals (I promise I'm not counting down or anything).

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