rainy days and mondays

What a beautiful rainy Monday in Logan, UT. I couldn't have asked for better weather. Of course later in the evening we got dumped upon - a whole bucket load and then some. Oh Snow please go away until November.

Well, I am amazed at how many gentlemen I came across today. I lost count at how many times a man held the door open for me. Chivalry is not lost! I am not amazed at the jerks though. They are far easier to come across than I would like to admit. I see gentleman as tender mercies in a stressful college day. It's nice to know that there are nice people in the world somewhere.

For my English class we are doing an Urban Legend Project. I'm thinking of doing La Chupacabra or La Llorona. But if anyone would like to share other favorite urban legends please do.

I am convinced everything happens for a reason and I am happy it does. Mary Ann and I definitely needed to be roommates - I know I say that everyday and I will continue to say it because it is true.

"Yo Quiero Taco Bell"
I personally am a big fan of the fast, cheap, Americanized Mexican food that comes from Taco Bell. However, there are many things that would keep people away from the greasy fast food coming out of this restaurant. Cleanliness and hygiene seem low on the priority list. Half the time I couldn't understand the employees. The atmosphere could be described as "trashy". The service wasn't too shabby, but I wouldn't describe it as exceptional. Service should be all about the customer. The most important thing to me going to a restaurant like Taco Bell is to get my food in a timely manner. I also expect sanitary measures to be taken seriously so that I and the other people going there won't get any food born illnesses. Why, oh why, Taco Bell in Logan, are you such a disappointment?
The overall cleanliness of the inside of Taco Bell was very poor. Everything looked dirty and stained. The floors were dirty. I saw pieces of food everywhere. Gross, shriveled, dried food on the tables, the floors, the counter tops, everywhere! The majority of the employees looked unkempt and had greasy hair. I could picture the brushing of their hair and it staying in place after doing so. The woman's bathroom was the worst. The toilet looked yellow and was filled with murky water. The trash was overflowing. The mirror was cracked like a broken heart. The soap dispenser was empty, and the sink only ran cold water; combined to remind me of a soul less bitter grandma. And the most disheartening thin I saw in the bathroom was no toilet paper! I could have cried. As a matter of fact, I almost did cry. In a sanitary type of situation, toilet paper is a girl's best friend. If the rest of the bathroom hadn't turned me away, the lack of toilet paper would have done the job very nicely. I was scared to touch everything; especially since I had no way of knowing how many and what kind of nasty, slimy germs were hanging out in that bathroom.
There was a lack of employees making sure the tables were clean and decent to sit at. My first impression wasn't good and with a closer look I just got more and more scared to touch anything at all in the restaurant. The feeling was just disgusting. It seem like the restaurant hadn't been cleaned in months. The employee at the cashier was slow and the line remained long while I was there. None of the other employees, nor the manager offered to help, even though the look on his face suggested pure hopelessness. To be a successful company, the employees need to be able to work together. Not just work together, but get along and see how and where to help out when needed. When it was my turn to order the employee at the register spoke softly and quickly so I couldn't understand him. He eventually slowed his speaking and talked a little louder when he saw my confused face. I could tell he had a speech impediment on top of a thick Hispanic accent. I finally barely understood what he was saying and placed my order. I was honestly annoyed at how slow this particular employee was. I do believe in giving a chance to those who may be slightly handicap or slower than the rest of us, but there is a point when a manager should take into consideration how they may be affecting the company.
Ultimately the idea of "fast food" is to get your food fast. I waited close to twenty minutes before my order number was called. My food was hot and had the flavor I love, so I have no complaints about the food. Although, I can complain about waiting twenty minutes. Usually when I go to get fast food it's so I don't have to make my own food or wait for it to be done. Fast food is the food that I can depend on to be ready for my starving, grumbling, cranky stomach. My stomach can say, "Hey. I'm hungry. Let's get food fast." That's when I think, "FAST FOOD!" I expect it to be fast. Waiting is not an option!
Even after all the waiting I was pleased to get my delicious Cheesy Gordita Crunch and Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes. The two best things fast food could offer to me. I'm all for the cheesiness and the crunchy found in the gordita. And potatoes are my favorite source of carbs. I almost forgot to mention that Taco Bell is the only restaurant that provides Mountain Dew Baja Blast, something wondrous that I am unable to find anywhere else(too bad I don't drink soda anymore). The hot greasy food satisfies the mad cravings of Taco Bell instantly. I sit back relieved that my stomach is no longer demanding any more nourishment.
The way to keep dim Americans dim is to use the stereotypical Mexican music and decorations to top off the dirty feel of the restaurant as a whole. What a good way to make Americans think Mexicans are dirty. The atmosphere screams "dirty Mexican restaurant." If the restaurant was cleaner and classier maybe I would feel differently, but as it is, all I see is dirt and all I hear is terrible mariachi music that probably wasn't even recorded by an authentic mariachi band. I don't feel at home in this restaurant (I guess that's not really the point, since it is fast food). This Americanized restaurant misrepresents Mexican culture. I hope there aren't any Americans who really think Taco Bell is authentic Mexican food. I think next time, I'll just go through the drive-thru to get my hot, greasy, FAST food.

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