Bridesmaids and Jr. Bridesmaids

I have yet to mention that when I get married I will have 6 sisters and 6 best friends as bridesmaids....oh boy (I mean girl). That is a lot of dresses to buy or make. We have decided to make them, but I am so excited for them.

For my bridesmaids (which include Lya, Michelle, Julie, Mary Ann, Brittany, and Talor) These are the dresses we will be making. I love this dress so much I'm even considering making one for myself. I like the flirty, summer feel and the pockets! I absolutely love pockets! The print of the fabric I get will even be similar to this print because yellow is one of my colors. I'm hoping I can find something with red and yellow print that will work, but one or the other will work as well.
For Kristen, Maya, and Noemi the dress we will be making looks like:

This is a dress that fits the style and shape of these three particular sisters. It's cute, versatile, and ready to be worn for any summer occasion. All three sisters will do a very nice job of looking stunningly gorgeous in this particular dress. I am hoping to find a good, durable, cotton with a yellow and red floral print of sorts for these dresses. I've browsed around for fabrics for all the dresses, but it seems I can't find exactly what I want. I will keep looking, and if anyone has any suggestions on places I might check I would be most grateful to hear them. 
My colors are a deep red (maybe a brick red almost maroon), deep yellow(like golden rod or almost even a yellow orange), and brown. 
For the three youngest girls; Emma, Josie, and Baby, we have chosen:

These three darling dresses will complete the summer look and feel I'm going for. (It helps that my wedding is taking place in the summer).
All of these patterns are by Simplicity. I bought them on Saturday for a steal! 5 for $5, saving me approximately $75. Yay me!

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