Winter Wonderland Wednesday

These past couple days have been days of discovery. I truly am loving life more and more. I have so many reasons to be so happy and grateful. I love where I live, and that I have the opportunity to go to school. I am so blessed. I have great family and friends and room mates. I wouldn't trade them for anything.

I am especially grateful to my roommate, Mary Ann, who has helped me see more of who I am. She thinks I'm an Angel, but truly she is an Angel. We have sooo much fun together and I wouldn't have it any other way. Honestly, who could be okay with wearing what we are wearing in that picture. We can be ourselves around each other with out worrying about what the other person thinks. That is a rare thing for me because I personally am constantly worrying about what everyone thinks. And for two people who are so similar I am amazed at how well we get along. Usually in situations like this one person gets sick of the other rather quickly, but not me and Mary Ann. We are always making each other laugh and having a good time. We also have serious conversations together. I know I have grown spiritually since meeting Mary Ann and I think it is the same for her. We even have fun when there is nothing said between us. I am pretty sure we were destined to be friends. We were definitely friends in the pre-existence, I have absolutely no doubt about that, and I am sure we will be friends for the rest of eternity.

Today happened to start out gloomy and beautiful, as did yesterday. The weather has been extremely beautiful in Logan for a week or so and I have been loving it. As it started to snow today I was extremely upset and distraught. I did not want the snow. The rain was alright because it was relatively warm. The clouds were okay because I love the look and feel of stormy rain clouds. The sun has been awesome because I have been longing for sun for quite some time. However, I took a walk in the snow and realized that I had no reason to be upset at the snow. My heart melted as I realized that this weather we have in Logan is a beautiful miracle and blessing from God. It may not be warming up as fast as I hoped, but the snow is a reminder of finding the beauty in everything. Whether it be the not so great weather, or a person we may not like, or even just when everything is going wrong and all we are is pessimistic. God is visible everywhere. I love that thought.

Now I love that is snowing even if it means I have to endure the cold weather longer than I thought I would have to. I couldn't have asked for a better reminder of how lucky and blessed I am to live in such a beautiful place. I am so happy that, even if it's just for one day, Winter Wonderland Wednesday has inspired me to remember God more frequently.

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