Ode to College Life... Oh, wait. Do I even know what an ode is?

I hope you are ready for an oober update of the happenings in good ole' Logan, Utah. I have had quite an eventful weekend. One I thought would be way more stressful than it really turned out.

I can still feel the wind burn on my cheeks as I think back to Friday night, once again alone at my apartment. Nothing to do. I decided I should take some initiative and text some friends seeing if anyone could hang out. I was in luck. Talor Figgins texted me back. We agreed on a girls night in, which included truffle making. I quickly gathered my stuff together and set off walking to her apartment.

While I was traipsing across campus I realized how much I would love to have a bike. The wind was blowing across my face, stinging just slightly. I felt my journey from my apartment to Talor's apartment was longer than the journey to the promised land. We do live at opposite corners of campus, and technically her apartment isn't even on campus.

I finally arrived at my destination and I was more ready than ever to just have a girls night. The truffle making was fabulous. Not to mention Talor and I talked about some stuff that needed to be talked about desperately.
Paige, Talor, and I making some truffles:
Don't we look so happy? Haha, it was fun and a good bonding experience.

The rest of the night was dedicated to serious conversations, some scripture study, and very little sleep. But all of it was worth it. The next morning, Talor and I made a delicious breakfast consisting of omelets and smoothies (sound familiar). We talked some more and Talor even agreed to let me take some pictures of her. I love photography, and Talor made an awesome model. This picture was the best picture I took of her. They were all really good, but this one is by far my favorite.
I now officially own the beautiful ring on my finger and my wedding dress! I'm pretty sure I wore my dress yesterday for a good half hour after bringing it home. I feel sooo pretty in it. And I am extremely grateful to Tyler for helping me pay for my dress, and buying me the most perfect engagement ring. I couldn't have picked a better ring myself.

Tyler was able to come visit me this weekend, a very much needed visit. (Tyler, let me just tell you that I appreciate how understanding you are. You are truly amazing and you make me a better person.) He also happened to bring me my favorite burger, Bleu Ribbon Burger, from Red Robin. Yay! We then went shopping for food so my cupboards wouldn't be quite so bare and so I wouldn't starve any more than I already do. And I think somewhere during all of this I managed to find time for laundry too.

Sunday, quite possibly my favorite day of the week. This particular Sunday happened to be quite busy, but a blessing to me. Waking up to my alarm to get ready for church was darn near impossible. 9 am church and college don't really seem to jive. However, getting rewarded with ice cream after wards makes me smile big.
Spiritual Thought for the day: Remember the talents you have been blessed with. It's really easy (at least for me) to get caught up in what everyone else is good at, but lets just try to focus on ourselves in a positive light.

I made the best sandwich today, I should have taken a picture of it, but I didn't. It had cream cheese, ranch, lettuce, cheddar cheese, and turkey. MMMMM MMMM Good. I also made tamales today. Tamales which turned out amazing! Thank you Papa for making me half Mexican, haha.

I should have blogged sooner so I could have added more detail. I will next time, I promise.

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