22 Random little things.

1. I can't sleep with socks on.
2. Daffodils are my favorite flower.
3. I'm engaged to be married on July 30th 2010.
4. I don't have a middle name, but I wish it was Grace.
5. If I could I would live in Cozumel.
6. I love blankets and being all wrapped up in them on stormy days.
7. I collect stuffed animals, mainly teddy bears.
8. Winnie the Pooh is my favorite cartoon character.
9. I'm in love with Tim Burton and Danny Elfman.
10. I enjoy talking to fish, or really anything that can't talk back.
11. I love music, all kinds except maybe rap and anything hardcore.
12. I like to stay up late, but I usually get tired by 9ish.
13. I wish I was a fairy.
14. I see things differently than everyone else.
15. My world is one of fantasy and fairy tale.
16. I laugh when I don't know what to do or say.
17. I like having a different style than the current "fashion".
18. I am gluten intolerant.
19. My fiance's name is Tyler.
20. Chaco's are the best sandal in the world.
21. I have been bucked off of a bull.
22. Twenty-two is my favorite number.

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