I was a stranger...

If you are LDS, you are probably familiar with the #LighttheWorld initiative. It’s an incredible opportunity to be more proactive in serving and remembering what is truly important in life. Today the focus comes from Matthew 25:35 “...I was a stranger, and ye took me in...” I love Matthew 25 for many reasons, and that scripture is one of them.

Recently I have really struggled with feeling like I had friends and people who would be there for me no matter what. I felt alone and like the darkness was only getting darker. I knew that my loving husband was there and that our families loved me too, but it isn’t exactly the same as having girl friends to be with and talk to. I began to really pray for someone, anyone who would be my friend. That prayer was constantly in my heart, “Please, God, let me connect with someone.”

I am so very blessed, because that prayer was answered. I’m very grateful for two amazing, beautiful women who were open enough to be an answer to my prayers.

These women have taught me that it’s the little things that count. We don’t have to do something big and grand to take a stranger in. We can take a stranger in by offering a smile, a gesture of kindness, taking a moment to get to know our neighbor a little better. These small things help bring people to Christ. They help us strengthen our own relationship with The Savior. These are the small things that Light the World and make a difference.

Margo and Kirsta,
Thank you for taking me in. Thank you for sharing your light with me and brightening my world. Thank you for being examples of the believers. Thank you for bringing me gifts that help get me through rehearsal. Thank you for texting me and asking me how I am doing. Thank you for wanting to hang out with me and have girls nights. Thank you for being willing to have deep conversations and to let me express myself and share my testimony. Thank you for helping me develop a deeper connection with Christ just by you guys being you. I was a stranger and you both took me in. Thank you for taking me in.
Love, Jessie